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How to get new rewards?


I got the rewards Super starter, goal boost and triple whammy. I am for two months walking 3 active 10 daily. Why don't I get other rewards like, for example, walking wonder? I suppose that I might already got it. I also think that there might be more new goals in new versions of the app Active 10.

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I am afraid to say the people who designed the app were keeping us update with glitches they were ironing out but unfortunately it all went very quiet and I think their latest release broke it all a bit so I feel they have gone back to the drawing board with the app. Hopefully we will hear soon that there is a new update out and it will all be fixed. We can award badges here if you would like any badge that will sit next to your name on the forum, please let me know.

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Thank you for your anser. As I got three active 10 a day for more than a month, I would like open the reward Walking Wonder in the app, but I would apreciate you that sit nex to my name on the forum. Thank you again.

From you reply I can see that you have achieved Walking Warrior platinum. Congratulations and well done on your achievement. Your badge is next to your name now.

Nice looking badge. You've earned it 💪🚶

I don’t know anything about rewards in form of badges.

When one completes certain target then rewads are displayed on the app.

I think it’s just encouragement.

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