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Bird in a fancy backpack tent

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I was having coffee with a friend last Saturday outside a bagel shop where we meet every week. A man and a woman came and sat at a bench in front of us. Each was wearing a backpack with mesh on the sides and a rolldown cover to keep the elements out. I noticed a bird in each backpack. It would have been too intrusive to get up and take a better photograph but I clicked what I could see from where I had been sitting. You can make out the tail in the lower right quadrant.

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Thanks for making me laugh, svgeeks! It reminds me of when I was living in South Africa. I overlooked a park from my balcony and there was a guy there who used to regularly walk his pet pig in the park - on a lead. Problem was, it wasn't a little pot bellied pig - it was a great big porker (must have weighed at least 300lbs)!! This is the 1st time I've heard of anyone taking a bird for a walk! It takes all sorts, hey!

Wow that is strange, what a sight. The things we do for our pets. πŸ˜€

Oh wow fancy that bet you couldn't believe your eyes

I was at the coast last year sitting on a bench when an elderly man came along on a mobility scooter with a barn owl !! I did a double take he drew quite a crowd and said he took it for an outing every day I'll see if I can post a photo ! 😊

Oh I love that. Getting their friends some fresh air.

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