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Hi, everyone. I did C25K the year before last and am still running, albeit very slowly and for the past year not more than once a week. I was videoed at my dance class the other night and am totally horrified by how much extra weight I am heaving around. If course I knew how much it is from the scales but to see it in video was a real eye opener. Anyway, I have become very lazy and have no excuse, so thought I would pop in here and start doing something about it right now.

Going running tonight and for a walk before lunchtime today.

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Hi there and welcome to our freindly little forum. Running and walking go very nicely together. I use my walking for cross training from running and it does help to keep the weight at bay too. 😀. Keep coming back and letting us know how your walks are going and I am sure you will reach your goal.

Hi SlowWorm2016, welcome to our forum - glad to have you with us! Argh, those photos and videos are brutally honest aren't they? I think we've all had a wake up call complements of one or the other! But now you've made the decision to regain your fitness the battle is half won - good for you! Post often and we'll encourage you on your journey!

How did your lunchtime walk go?

Short but bracing, and a beautiful sunny day. A lot of signs of spring at last in people's gardens. I always like to have a good look as I pass!

And a slow plodding but non-stop 5k in the evening, which I had been looking forward to all day!

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