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29 brisk minutes, Friday, 16 March

10,266 steps. 4.4 mi, 15 floors, 30 mindful minutes. Life intervened today and prevented me from my best laid plans. Noticed a gurgling sound out of the kitchen sink around 11AM soon after someone had taken a shower in the downstairs shower. Upon entering the bath, realized that there had been a sewer backup. It would not have been possible to stay in the house over the weekend without a fix. Found a plumber in a hurry who unclogged the drain and lectured me for using soft toilet paper. Suggested a different brand thin (1-ply) toilet paper. Told me that comfort will cost me in plumber bills.

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Oh no svgeeks - that's a shocker! And why do these things always seem to happen at the weekends? Good that you got out at all! Well done!


Oh no, that just what you wouldn’t need for the weekend. I would imagine you would of needed your mindful minutes after all that.