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Final week of keep going in December - what have you done and what to you plan to do

Have you got a plan to keep your fitness levels up over December this year. For some it is the cold, dark and rain that keeps us indoors, for some it is too many late nights and feeling shattered the next day.

Or Is it the chance to have some little treats and not worry too much about the Waistline that gets you out the door, or do you need a little Me time when the house is full.

This is time of year there are so many reasons to stay in and still so many reasons to go out.

So the challenge is set your self a plan that works for you and try to stick to it.

December 1- 3rd write your plan down and post it on here. You know once it is in writing it matters 😀

( make the plan achievable for you, don’t stretch your self too much and take into consideration everything that is going on)

It could be:-

I will try to step out the door 2-3 times a week no matter for how long

I will try to go for at least a 10 min walk ....... times a week.

I will go for a long walk ....... a week

Every week I will put a catch up post. So we can all say how we are doing.

Catch up Posts dates.

4th to the 10th December

11th to the 17th December

18th to the 24th December

25th to 31st December.

Let’s all keep our fitness levels up through December and go into the New Year knowing we are all still motivated

If your injured or ill take care of yourself and only do what you can, just being mindful of what your body needs is a great thing for your general well being and obviously you can join this challenge any time so even if you come In the last week of December asking to join you are still welcome.

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Oh well - I'm afraid the best laid plans of mice and men and all that - my plans have been thwarted big time! Being away from home is just not working for me! Never mind - I'll enjoy being with my family (I don't see them too often), do the best I can and get back into my routine when I return home.


My Dads arrived today so my routine is out as well. Like you say family time is just as important, enjoy the time, we will both get back to it in the New year 😀


Thanks Rfc - you're right, family time really is important!


I had planned to stick to my calorie allowance except for Xmas day, Boxing Day & new year’s day but at my brother’s do that’s gone to pot. I’m helping to keep an eye on the kids10&12yrs old- mainly acting as a referee over TV ‘v’ PS4 time! They have a dog but it’s a puppy and it’s a breed which doesn’t need a lot of exercise- 1 walk a day so not getting much exercise. I trying to be good but Bombay mix and Asian spice mix not helping either! Not going OTT with alcohol- 1 extra glass if alcohol more than usual but this is my 3rd day and had 2 glasses of alcohol. It’s evenings so far- so only going to have 1 this evening at most- that’s the plan anyway:) I am keeping MFZp updated though not weighing cereal and not in control of what I’m having meal wise so it will be estimated calories so it will all depend on whether I am over or underestimating the amount of ingredients.


Sounds like you are sticking to your plan as best as you can considering the time of year. It's extra tough when you are not at your own place.


It's gotten a lot tougher to stay on track this week. Cold weather has sunk in and there are so many visits with friends and family planned. I have one walk with a friend planned but the forecast is for -17C so I suspect we'll be coming up with alternative plans.


Obviously not living in the UK or Australia!


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