Let's walk week 7 - Feel free to Join

How is everyone doing? There is a stretch Quest starting this week on the Stregnth and Flex forum if anyone In interested in joining


Here we are at week 7 already, how is it going for everyone. Please join in as we share our walking adventures and accomplishments and encourage each other to get our steps in or increase our distances or speed.

On the C25k forum I started a 6 wk quest three years ago and between The admins we keep it going to help keep everyone motivated but working towards their own personal goals.

So I would like to do a similar thing on here for walking. This is going to be 12 weeks plan in total as for some of us we need a bit more time to get back on our feet but it will be very inclusive and doesn't matter what you walking goals are, please feel free to join.

Here are a set of example as to what your goals could be.

1) I want to be able to go for little walks a couple of times a week, not bothered with speed or distance just getting out the door.

2) I want to be able to do 3x 5km walks a week

3) I'm training for a ......... km event.

4) I want go out for .... walks a week to help me destress.

There are so many different combinations and there will be non that are not good goals.

The aim in the 12 weeks plan is to build you up to a walking fitness level that suits yourself and your personal circumstances. The most important thing is to make your goals manageable and not to over extend yourself. It is always better to get to goal and go further than not reach a goal as that demoralises you.

Please add your name below if you would like to take part as we support each other to reach our goals.




































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  • I managed to get my first Active 10 star today after weeks of inactivity

  • That's great news well done.

  • Just realised I hadn't added your name to the walking group sorry for the oversight, I have corrected it.

  • Hi, I've rejoined after an absence of 10 months, prior to that I lost nearly 1 1/2 stones. I retired in November 2016, and I got a little dog in January this year. His name is Alfie and he's a 5 month old cockapoo. He's been and is my lifeline, as I am forced, whatever the weather or how I feel, to take him out several times a day. We go to a local municipal golf course, now closed, which has been incorporated into the local adjacent park and wonderful bluebell woods. There are 650 aces to explore and Alfie and I go at least 5 days a week for a good hour of brisk walking for me and lots of running and exploring for him. At least twice a month we have been going to the East coast for a day walking on the beach. I hope to increase the amount of time walking, limited only by Alfie's young age at the moment. My goal is to lose a stone by the end of July, but somewhere between 1-2 lbs a week nice and steadily.

  • Welcome onboard I have added your name. Alfie sounds like a great friend to have I'm sure he will help you reach your goals.

  • My walking hit a bit of a blip last week as I came down with a horrendous chest infection, just feel like I have gone back weeks in my recovery from the op but hopefully I will pick up soon.

  • I'm sorry to hear that; so rubbish for you. I hope it shifts quickly.

  • Thank you 🙂.

  • I set a goal of walking a daily average of 9500 steps over the course of a week. I was a smidge over last week. I had to be quite intentional about putting in some extra walks and I had one day where I had to walk to and from the garage for the car's MOT which bumped up the total quite a bit. I will probably have to work harder at it this week.

  • Walking seems to be going well, having the sun shining certainly helps. Aiming for at least 10k steps a day.

  • I did a lot of walking, and one run, last week, this week it feels like my sore heel is actually on the mend, so what with my other health considerations as well, it seems like a good time to take a little break and see if my silly foot might get totally better. Not sure if that makes any kind of sense, but a rest never did any harm...

  • Jeanjeanie1

  • Jeanjeanie1

  • Welcome onboard I have added your name.

  • I've been getting over 10k steps per day. So happy me. Twisted my ankle the other day so not been out doing C25K which is annoying but I don't want to make it worse.

  • A bit late to the party here, but I'd like to join. I was a runner until earlier this week and have been told I can no longer run. This is a great challenge for me to focus on and get my walking off to a good start!

  • I am so sorry you have been told that. Walking can give you a great workout and you can shake up your walks to give you variety. I love speed walking and hikes myself. Two very different forms of walking but I get something from both. We will help keep you motivated. Welcome onboard, I have added you name.

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