Walking for Health week 6 - Feel free to join

How is everyone doing? There is a stretch Quest starting this week on the Stregnth and Flex forum if anyone In interested in joining


Here we are at week 6 already, how is it going for everyone. Please join in as we share our walking adventures and accomplishments and encourage each other to get our steps in or increase our distances or speed.

On the C25k forum I started a 6 wk quest three years ago and between The admins we keep it going to help keep everyone motivated but working towards their own personal goals.

So I would like to do a similar thing on here for walking. This is going to be 12 weeks plan in total as for some of us we need a bit more time to get back on our feet but it will be very inclusive and doesn't matter what you walking goals are, please feel free to join.

Here are a set of example as to what your goals could be.

1) I want to be able to go for little walks a couple of times a week, not bothered with speed or distance just getting out the door.

2) I want to be able to do 3x 5km walks a week

3) I'm training for a ......... km event.

4) I want go out for .... walks a week to help me destress.

There are so many different combinations and there will be non that are not good goals.

The aim in the 12 weeks plan is to build you up to a walking fitness level that suits yourself and your personal circumstances. The most important thing is to make your goals manageable and not to over extend yourself. It is always better to get to goal and go further than not reach a goal as that demoralises you.

Please add your name below if you would like to take part as we support each other to reach our goals.
































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  • The walking is going great this week. I have a physio appointment on Tuesday so they can tell me how I'm healing and if what I have been doing has been ok. I think sometimes I push myself further than I should some days. I really need to get out of the boom and bust cycles. Hope your all doing well Rfc x.

  • I'd like to join please RFC, following a visit to the docs last week, it seems I have very elevated blood pressure, and he's advised me against pushing too hard for the moment. I have to see the cardiologist, usually appointments are quite fast here in France., so hopefully I'll see someone soon. I haven't been banned from running, but I'm a bit chary, so I'm going to walk, every day if I can manage it. I started yesterday, with a 7 KM circuit that I normally run, I was that much slower! I'm aiming for 20 - 30 KM a week, like I do when running

  • Of course you can join, I'm sorry to hear your news but as you say hopefully they will get to the bottom of it soon and you will get your confidence back and run again. Then You can stay here just for the fun of it. 😀. Sounds like a good plan, it will always be slower but one of the reasons I love to walk as well as run is there is a different rhythm to walking and it is therapeutic all on its own. Take care. Rfc xxx.

  • Thank you RFC, I was surprised how hard it was yesterday, my legs ache in some weird places! It's all good though isn't it? Fresh air, exercise, sight seeing....it doesn't always have to be running.

  • I am sorry to hear about your raised blood pressure. Here's hoping for a quick appointment. It sounds sensible to stick to walking...and those sort of distances should keep your fitness up!

  • Welcome CG. Great idea to keep up the kilometers at a slower clip. Hopefully everything resolves soon.

  • More downs than ups this week on the walking front. Looking forward to a new week.

  • Blimp

  • I have added your name in, welcome onboard. What sort of goals are you aiming for?

  • I'd love to join in. I'm already doing C25K but no where near the 5k mark and I'm on week 6.

    I'm going to go for 3 5k walks a week in top of the C25K

    Good luck everyone.

  • Welcome onboard I have addded your name. Sounds like a plan.

  • Could I join in please? I have had a good long think about goals. In the end I have decided to opt for upping my daily average of steps. My Forerunner watch "counts" my steps, although I am sure it misses some of my pottering. My average last week was 9100 a day, so I would like to increase that to 9500 a day. It's a start!

  • Welcome onboard I have added your name. Sounds like a good goal.

  • Thanks for adding my name. My goal is to fit more walks in during the week while the lighter evenings are here, work permitting, as at the moment my free time is only at the weekend. Good luck to everyone involved with their own personal target.

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  • Hi RFC

    I have been posting on the Walking for Health site but am not sure if I am on your list.

    I have been walking a lot! My Fitbit stats show a daily average of 9 miles over the past 3 months. I live in Brighton and not far from the South Downs so try to incorporate lots of gradients and to up the pace so I can get some cardiovascular exercise. I have even started some gentle jogging on the easy bits.

    Not only am I losing weight steadily but always feel mentally better for it.


  • Welcome onboard, I have added your name. Your doing really well. I have done some walking on the South Downs it is a lovely place to walk and yes I remember the hills as well. 😀.

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