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Twenty minutes round the block

Got to work early as usual but because I have a date with the surgeon in two weeks time thought I had better keep my fitness levels up as I can't run at the moment so got the Garmin going and started off got back to where I work in 10 minutes so went back out to walk round to the new station and arrived back at my work in another 10 minutes so 20 minutes done and my god was it cold this morning but felt good doing it will have another go at 4 o'clock as I have to wait for my wife to pick me up and it is still cold but will put my hat on this time.

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Oh well done manofkent62! It really is freezing today, so I admire your dedication to keeping your fitness levels up! I'm afraid I've been a bit of a wimp today - only went out at 2pm and came back after 12 minutes! My legs weren't listening to my brain, so huge kudos to you for managing 20 minutes so early in the day!


Walking in the cold is certainly harder going than running I found earlier this year when I couldn't run. Great to have 20 minutes in the walking bank at work, well done.


Well done for getting out there. Both MrRfc and I had surgery this year and walked right up to the day before to keep us fit for the day. Wrap up and stay away from people with winter colds. We adopted a no hugging policy a couple of weeks before surgery 😀, I know it is hard with family round Christmas time, but it does help to keep those germs out of your system. Take good care of yourself.

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