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10km walk before the heat gets up

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Him went out at 6.30 am nice temperature at that time of morning. Different route today past a graveyard with the hills above the graveyard. It’s a lovely setting. Mostly walk on roads and took some pictures on route. My time was 10 km in 1. Hour 38 mins. Trying to go a bit slower and see if it will help back and hip. Back aching but probably as well with tiding up garden with partner mostly overgrown bushes from neighbour garden . My time was 1 hour 38 minutes. So now taking it easy sitting listening to golf and readying yesterday newspaper. Enjoy your day 😎

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Hey what a lovely walk Doris a great time to get out as the air is still fresh at that time.

So I think that you did really well having a 10Km walk this shows your determination to achieve your goals and I’m not surprised that your aching and you enjoy the rest of this hot summers day and with pride. 😎

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Thanks Jerry😎

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Good walk Doris8 that's a pretty fast walking pace. Take it easy with that hip.

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Sounds like a great day and a superb walk! (I run slower than you walk! 😅😅😅👏👏👏👍🏽)

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Times are irrelevant as long as you are enjoy what you are doing. I’m envious of you guys running but have had a hard think to myself and think walking is safer , couple of women have been in shop and have osteoporosis and it makes you think. Was going to do the Japanese slow jogging but think will stick to walking. Will have to cut down going too fast power walking for a wee while hip a bit dodgy, that will be a challenge for me . Thanks it was a good walk 😊

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