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Last walk before I have my op



Had a short walk today mainly because the pavement,road,sports field and footpaths were quite slippery but still did nearly 39 minutes Active 10 still not working but still felt good for getting out and doing a walk even if I felt a little cold but soon warmed up once I got going. Next time I can walk will probably be Thursday or Friday but it will depend on how I feel with regard to my head.

Have a happy and good new year on Sunday & Monday.


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Good morning Michael.

That sounds like a very good walk!

Snow here... it came earlier than forecast, and very slippery also... pretty though :)

I hope all goes well this afternoon and I will be thinking of you...All good wishes for a Healthy and Happy New Year for you.

Floss x

It was good the only helpful thing was the ice had hardened the mud so it wasn’t that slippery.

Glad you got a little walk in. Thinking of you and looking forward to hearing about your next walk. Take everything nice and steady and err on The side of caution as you recover

Rfc x.

I will do I read somewhere the only thing you tend to suffer from is headaches due to what happens to the skull so will have to be slow and steady.

As ever :)

Morning Michael

Just wanted to wish you all the very best for tomorrow .

Big hugs ((( )))

Take care


Pops xxx

Think of me when you are still asleep at 4am tomorrow

Love and hugs to you. Will be thinking of you 😘

Thanks hopefully will be out of the theatre by 11am tomorrow

All the best Mike!

Hoping you're back walking soon...


Hope so to but I suppose it depends on how tired I feel.

My wife has just done her longest walk so far today at 1.5 miles, was great in the frosty sunshine, she could have been doing more walks sooner, but what with the bad weather hasn't felt like it, and her wound has been feeling tender & painful, although she's recovered well, it's not been a 5 minute process..

Will be thinking of you tomorrow. Wishing you a speedy recovery and a happy healthy 2018.


Very, very good wishes for tomorrow! Here's hoping 2018 brings you good health and much happiness - looking forward to your posts!

How are you feeling Michael?

I am out of hospital and I have a painful area around the side of my head and ear on the left side but I was shown some MRI photos of my brain and every piece of the tumour has been removed so there is nothing left by the looks of it. The pain I do have does not last long so that is a good thing for a change. Got to see the doctor either on the 4th or the 11th of January to see what happens with the tumour.

Good to hear..Happy New Year!

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