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New life plan

I have been overweight all my life! At the age of 61 I have decided enough is enough. I have at least 4st to loose and now I am not tied to an office desk I am getting active. I have my dog onside - we are enjoying a 2.5 mile walk everyday. Some days we go a bit further. Then I go to my Mums house where I vacuum, mow the grass as well as generally looking after Mum, Aunt and a Yorkie puppy More walking). I am also reducing my portion sizes and trying to make better food choices.

I haven't recorded measurements (I will do later) nor weight, but my trousers feel looser and I feel better, more energy and sleep better too.

I am hoping this approach will finally give me a plan I can live with for good, not a diet but a life changer

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That's a great start and your more likely to keep things going when it all seems to fit into place, well done, keep coming back and letting us know how your getting on. We love pictures of canine friends out on their walks as well. 😀

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Good choice - life plans are so much better than diets. I've lost loads of weight through walking (and latterly running) and radically overhauling my diet. it's a journey - lots of ups and downs but so worth the effort: I can't tell you how much better I feel. I was skinny until a car crash in my early 30's but it's taken until my mid 50's to get a lot fitter.

Well done for starting, these forums are a great place for support.

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Sounds like you have it sorted, you don't need to measure or weigh to see the difference your portion control and exercising is making. 😁


Well done Elaine and that is by sure the best way to approach a healthier lifestyle as in my mind diets do not work as you feel that you are restricting all the time. The more you get out the better as you are not thinking of what to eat next and are also getting in the exercise. Well done.





Great. Also pay attention to your diet. Hypocarb hypo calorie diet. Cut down 30% in daily caloric requirement. Also refer to the ketogenic ratio. For weight loss 3-4:1 is good i.e. f : c+p.


Excellent way to loose weight. You are right you are never too old to make changes, it is determination and pride that makes it worth while.

I got fed-up on having to wear belts all the time that I went shopping for new jeans yesterday. Got a pair which say they are a size 12, but you know how the sizing of clothes work. :-D Anyway they are actually skinny jeans which is great because I would never have worn then before I lost the 2.5 st I have lost.

I did it sensibly and didn't get phased when I put a bit back on before loosing more weight. I just stuck to cutting out as much refined sugar and processed foods from my diet as I could.

Enjoy your walks with your dog. I can't wait till I can get my own dog but I don't think it is fair to get a dog right now as I am hoping to be back at work soon.

Keep up the good work.


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