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Hi all, I'm a Newby here and a Newby to walking/healthy living, I had a heart attack in April and had emergency quadruple bypass surgery, I am so lucky to get a second chance at life and am loving my new lifestyle, they started me walking the very day after surgery albeit a few steps but I have built on that consistently every day since and now for the first time in years I feel fairly fit and walk around 5 miles every day without fail. I look forward to connecting with you all....

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  • Thank you champak045 👍

  • All the best DomO WEARE all routing for you all the best 🍀

  • Thank you ronzy👍

  • Welcome to our little forum, you will find some great support on here, we are all at different levels but help each other to reach our goals. You have made great progress since April. I'm glad you are reaping the benefits of your exercise.

  • Thank you Realfoodieclub 👍

  • Hi DomOD what a great achievement, you've obviously worked very hard to build yourself up after such intense surgery, I'm sure your story will be an absolute inspiration for others, well done n welcome to the forums :-)

  • Thank you suzi482☺

  • Welcome. It sounds like you are doing great on your walking. I look forward to reading about your journeys.

  • Thank you runswithdogs☺

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