Took the Healthy Option

Took the Healthy Option

Went to a craft and artisan food fair with family today. I ate a good breakfast before I went and whilst everyone else was eating cheeseburgers, enermous hot dogs and curry, I took my sister in law's dogs a couple of mile walk through the venues adjacent woodland. Feeling rather pleased with myself! Done 3.2 miles in total today, hoping to keep increasing my steps.

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  • Great self discipline, a very good decision both foryou and for the dogs 😊

  • Lovely picture. Looks like a wonderful place for a walk. And well done on your healthy breakfast.

  • Congratulations at resisting temptation

  • Glad you had a lovely walk and avoided the unhealthy food ,which is not always easy. You are looking good by the way Caz28 :)

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