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Welcome to our virtual walking group. We are here to support and encourage. I always find that being part of a group helps to keep the motivation going and makes it more fun.

Whatever the walking goals you are working towards is fine, it is all about encouraging each other to achieve those little goals as we progress.

Please feel free to post as many times as you like through the week and the at the beginning of the new week I will put a new post up. I'm going to number the posts but that's more for my benefit but if you want to use the weeks to set yourself goals please do.

Wishing you a happy healthy week and happy walking. 🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️😀😀😀.



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  • Hopefully if time permits I would like to do another off road hike, but as we both get better life is getter busier again. Hehe the irony of it. Have more time and no energy, less time and feeling better.

  • Had a walk in support of our brain injury society on Saturday. It was in a lovely park close to my house that I haven't been to in 15 years or more. Weather was perfect, but I arrived too early as waiting around and listening to people talk became pretty overwhelming pretty fast. As a result my walk was pretty wobbly and I needed several hours to recover afterwards. It was a great event and a great cause, so I'll probably do it again next year.

  • Sorry it left you feeling a bit wobbly but you have come such a long way, and I bet a couple of months ago you were wondering if you could. It's great news, your really on the road to recovery. Take it easy and look after yourself.

  • After a long day at work yesterday I went for a short walk over the heath 2.8km.

    After looking at the weather today it doesn't look like I'll get one in this evening but I have a big walk planned for the weekend :)

  • The weather is changing fast isn't it. Hope the weather holds for your big weekend walk, fingers crossed for you. 🤞.

  • I'd love to join your group. I need all the motivation I can get to find the time to walk every day. I really enjoy going for walks and it doesn't matter if it's just a short one or a long one. Finding the time is my biggest challenge.

  • Welcome to the group, I have added your name. My philosophy is any walk is a good walk 😀.

  • Hey thanks. 🐾

  • Hi Realfoodieclub

    Can I join please. I walk every day but always looking for more motivation and this sounds fun.


  • Hi and welcome onboard. I have added your name. I find being part of a group motivates me too 😀.

  • Hi RFC, I am so pleased to hear that you are getting better. I am considering taking part in a 20 mile walk for my local hospice. If it goes ahead it will be next summer which gives me plenty of time to prepare! So I am starting off with three training walks a week; one "normal" walk, one interval training walk and one walk to stretch out distance, a bit like the Bridge to 10K programme. I am starting my long walk off at 5K, and hope to add half a kilometre a week. I will see how I get on; it is the time-commitment that I find difficult.

  • Welcome onboard I have added your name. Wow a 20 mile walk, that is a big one. It sounds like your coming at the training the right way. I like the way you are shaking up your sessions. Looking forward to reading all about your training.

  • Morning well the last five days I've kept to my minimum of 11k steps and until today I have done 62,148 steps.

    Hope everyone has been having a great week.

  • I try to do 10k steps a day but this week has been hard in the rain. I've done 31miles since last Saturday. Hope to do well today as the sun is finally shining.

  • Would like to join walking group please. In need of some motivation!

  • Hi there welcome on board, I have added your name to th current week. We will help to motivate you. What are your goals ?

  • Hi

    I just started the 12 week program yesterday. I would love to walk with a walking group. Can you please explain to me what is a virtual walking group?

  • Is there a particular place where we could meet for a healthy walk? I need to join a class of like minded walkers Please?

  • Hi there, we are a virtual group so we don't have any meet ups as such but we have a great virtual walking group. Every week I put a new post up and we can chat about our walks, here is the link please feel free to join and we will help with your motivation.

  • Thank you. First of all, I have to say that ońe of my greatest faults is I keep falling. I've always had this problem. I feel I get it from my mum, who does exactly the same thing every time she goes out. It's like we both need a chaperone. I'm 61, and my mum is 85.

  • Do you get a local paper, or sometimes you own GP service will have posters to local walking groups, that way it will help you to feel safe while you are out. Also there is this group that might offer some help. I've not used them myself but I have heard good reports

  • I have started to walk daily and have found that the app measuring the brisk pace Go 10 is a little gem in assisting . i have increased my speed and have been able to do 30 min a day at the brisk pace. my daily average step s for last week have been 11000. have also found that my dog is the one that gets me motivated to go in all types of weather. Weight loss is the other. I have lost 13 lbs since middle of May through calorie decrease and walking . 50 lbs to maintain weight target. I thank all for their posts-- showing that we all have the same hurdles for good health achievement.

  • The active10 is a great little app isn't it. It really helped me to get back on my feet without over doing things.

    Dogs are great for motivation aren't they? I would love one but I think my cats might kick up a fuss😀.

    Sounds like you are doing really well, 13lb weight loss is great.

    Good luck and keep up the good work.

    For anyone interested here is the link to the active10

  • even though I am now retired. i find that i must walk first thing in the am. Life has a habit of getting in the way. Between appointments , errands and normal household chores walking the 10000 steps plus is a dedicated time for me. As mentioned the Active 10 is a excellent tool with a pedometer and I feel the effort from walking a quicker pace.

  • Agreed if I don't go in the morning, the day disappears!

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