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Answer to the mini egg quizz

If a 70kg 50 year old women was to go for a 10km walk on the flat and it took her 180 min. How many Cadbury mini eggs would she burn in calories. If one mini egg = 3g 16.5kcal

Round the answer up because no one can just eat 1/2 a mini egg! 😀

The Answer is 616 kcal - 38 mini eggs

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A few folks sussed that RFC... :)

Good fun! And, I was really interested to imagine 10 whole K, on the flat!!!! :) xxx



Hope all good with you ? x


Oh RFC wish I had known that last week, lol I did get that far but over a few days. I took me a week to complete 10.9 miles last week, so I could have had a few more than 38, I was quite happy as I have gone a little bit up on last weeks total. But wonder how far I would have to go to have a small cadbury caramel egg? maybe it's better not to know... :-)

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