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Woohoo, needed eggs today.


You may ask why that has got me so excited but I’m with my Dad for a few days and we have a pile of stuff to get through before I go home, so quite busy. The one thing that has had to go on the back burner is my walks.

Anyway today we needed some more eggs, so I did a round trip and managed to fit in a 4km Walk, so I was really pleased with that. Especially with the forecast we have for the rest of the day.

How are weekend walks going?

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Hi Rfc, you sound really busy! I've done no walking since I got to my son's place, but tomorrow I go to my daughter in Kent and she is an avid walker! She also keeps a Sholley there for me to use, so hopefully Monday will be the day! I'm looking forward to it! Keep well and enjoy the eggs!:)x

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Great news Hidden sometimes we just need the help to get out when we are out of our routines. Have fun. Been round with old friends tonight, such a good catch up. Maybe a slight hangover tomorrow. 😂😂😂. But so worth it for a good catch up. Enjoy your walk. Rfc xxx.

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Ooh, multiple sholleys. I love it Kay. Great to have one on hand for when you're in the mood to walk.

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That it is, runswithdogs! Had a great few walks the last 3 days - the weather is fresh and I feel really invigorated!

I convinced my computer bound teenager to go for a walk and enjoy the city’s Christmas lights (he chased Pokemons as we walked) and we managed 8.55 km 🙌

The Active 10 app told me that we walked for 90 minutes and that 60 of those were “brisk walking”.

Pretty good debut!

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Oh my word PippiRuns - that's some serious walking! Very well done - especially in getting a techie teenager to walk with you!

PippiRuns in reply to Hidden

:-) That was actually the hardest part!

We have a lot of adults that do Pokemon alongside the kids. There's some popular spots in our downtown.

It's been a good month of walking for me. I committed to getting 1.6 kilometers of extra walks or runs in for the month, with two grace days. So far I've spent both of my days off, but I'm getting loads of extra walks in because I've committed to it. Makes getting off the couch after dinner easier. 12 more days of walking to go :)

Do you walk with a friend or a group? I used to run in a club and know that it was very engaging for me to know that a group of people were waiting for me three times a week. I miss that.

I run parkrun every weekend that I'm not volunteering and an assortment of races. I like to go my own speed for that sort of thing. So I enjoy running with people, but not with them.

As for walking, sometimes I'll go out at lunch at work with a colleague, and I have a few friends that I see every few months for a walk and chat. But for the most part, my walks are solo. Most of the people that I would go for a social walk are at least a half hour drive away or an hour on transit, back in the direction of my workplace rather than home so it's too tough to fit in between work, walking the dog, etc.

This December commitment is actually from a group of C25Kers that I've connected with outside of healthunlocked. We all graduated around the same time. It's a popular concept in Canada though, many people commit to a mile a day of some sort for December. Gets people out when the weather really starts to turn.

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Oh my word, runswithdogs - you are so dedicated! Congrats on what you've achieved so far this month and best wishes for the rest of it! xx

Excellent that you are still connected with the C25K people you graduated with. It sounds like you’ve got a good group there.

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