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Just finding my way around the site and reading previous posts.

I liked the idea of 1000 steps a day all adds up. I am just getting back in to being mobile after my hip replacement. I am overweight due to no other real strong reason than overeating. Walking helps me avoid food and tele with food on it and people eating food.

I have no set goals other than to move more and walking is a great way to do this. My favourite activity at the weekend is car booting. Retail therapy in the outdoors. It’s surprising how many steps you do without noticing. I do use the gym treadmill as well as it’s easy than uneven ground for me at present.

Happy Easter everyone go looking for bunnies and avoid the eggs.

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Hi Estellemac - Welcome to our forum! Glad you're recovering well from your hip operation. Many of us here have health issues (me included!) but we support and encourage each other to achieve what we can! When I joined the forum I could only manage 200 steps, so this site really is for everyone! Just keep Realfoodieclub's mantra in mind as you're recovering from an op - slow and steady does it! I love a bit of car booting too and now the weather should be improving it's a good excuse for getting out! Good luck on your journey to better health and fitness - post often so we can walk with you!

Estellemac in reply to Hidden

That’s was a nice concept. Post often so we can walk with you.

I look forward to walking with you all on this journey.

Welcome. You'll find all sorts of support and inspiration here. I love the idea of walking around car booting. Too bad we don't do it here in Canada. Our rough equivalent is when a community does a garage sale all on the same day. And I can't wait until the weather warms up and that season starts.

Happy walking.

Hi here and welcome, we have another member who has been getting back to things after a hip replacement and getting stronger week by week. I used to love going car booting with my Mum, years ago, you can get totally engrossed, many a happy Sunday spent that way 😀. Have a great Easter weekend.

Cheers you too. Just got to avoid the mechanically recovered animal parts vendors. No lard for me to spoil the walk.

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