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Healthy walking

I do walking for health but I don't count the steps, I count the miles. I don't do big miles but I try to do at leat 3 per day. I have joined the county walking magazine Walk 1000 Mile. It is a good challenge, so far this year I have walked 330 miles. Some have completed already. Its a personal challenge when I started. Getting to 3 miles per day was hard now 5-6 is good. Their Facebook page is inspiring. It just fits in with my personal challenge for the year to loose weight and get healthier. I have found some lovely places to walk round my local area of thetford forrest . I walk with William and Ellie my 2 golden retriever dogs. It is working I have lost over 8 kg since January and I feel so much better

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That sounds like a great incentive and well done on your progress both mileage and weight loss. Something to be proud of. Keep coming back and telling us about your walks to help inspire others.

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Counting miles makes a lot of sense to me - it's something I can visualize much easier than steps. I bet your dogs love the walking - well done.


Yes I agree miles is much better and the dogs love it so much


Celery -Walking Trainers

Walking for health & maintaining a healthy weight through this regime sounds like a good idea to me. I live near a river, & many green fields which is good motivation. Knowing many of you are doing this, is a good & supportive feeling too. Thanks.


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