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Not doing as much walking recently

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But saying that my garden is looking great. I have opted out of a few walks to gut my garden and try and make it look nice. With all the dry weather it has made some jobs so much easier, especially painting all the garden furniture.

I am still keeping up with my months challenge to do 25 miles, but I have had a few non walking days as I have taken any spare time I have to spruce up my garden and it is beginning to look good.

I am sure just being outside, sweeping, weeding, painting and lugging stuff around has an exercise benefit as well

Anyone else finding other jobs or different things to do In the good weather?

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It's so hot here RFC, that walking has definitely taken a back seat. It feels like swimming through sludge when it's above 30C.

I agree Running in the heat is hard and so difficult to get the hydration right as well. Hehe I still refuse to say it’s too hot though 😀.

Iv had to reduce my walking this wk due to stay in hospital, i could only manage to walk around the grounds. Its suprising that once you ve stared walking again and have to stop you really miss it. I live on the coast and it is so beautiful i cant wait to get back along that prom later on. Have a good day everyone

Get better soon and take everything at a pace that suits yourself. After my surgery I decided Recovery is best done only once and to do it slowly. Hope you get back to your favourite walking places soon. Take care. Rfc x.

I find it really impacts my moods when I have to reduce my activity. When I've been benched in the past, I've kept up the excitement by planning future routes, watching movies related to walking journeys or reading books of people's walking adventures. I hope you are back out there really soon.

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Hi Rfc - I've only had one posh coffee this week! I've been so busy clearing out my house and packing ready for the move I'm just too exhausted to walk! The big day is tomorrow and it'll take another couple of weeks to get sorted in the bungalow before I get back into a routine again!

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Well done on the gardening! So satisfying to see beauty where there was none!

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Thank you, it is looking good. I’m not surprised your exhausted moving is sooooooooo tiring. Since I met MrRc I haven’t moved but before that I was constantly moving, I really do not miss it. Take care tomorrow and look after yourself. Rfc x.

Like youI have been working in the garden. Lost a lot of plants to the heat although I have watered on the night. My fibro is so much better in the heat, although I do have difficulty sleeping because it is so hot.

I totally understand on the sleeping front hot flushes and a heatwave at night for me are a nightmare 😳😳😳. Glad your are getting a bit of respite from your Fibo. I’m sure your garden loves the extra attention too, I know mine did.

It's amazing how fast those plants can wilt. Sounds like a nice time to spend in the garden though. If only we had an 'off' button for the heat at night, it's been insufferable in my corner of Canada as well.

Dont miss days. I do sometimes but i am more on the running part. On a year I run up to 1000 kilometers. It feels good after the training. When its summer here the temperatures gets up to 40c and its very frustating to run at this temperature.

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