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Self Motivation!

As a retired OAP, and with joining a Gym way above my pay grade, I decided to motivate myself. I searched for a good FitBit, but one in the sale. Lucky me, as I did get one and I wear it daily. When I see 8000 to 9000 steps - I have a good pep talk with myself! "Go on old girl - you can do it" and with that, I ensure that I walk more to ensure that not only do I clock the recommended 10000 steps but in most instances I usually end up walking more. Some days, without meaning to, but due to various engagements, appointments etc, I have been known to walk up to 17000 steps! For a lady in her 70s, that is not bad at all!!!! So thanks to my FitBit I knew I did not need to use/pay for a gym and I call my FitBit, my motivator! I feel wonderful indeed!

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I have a misfit shine and I does basically the same job. I have been known to go on a step spree at the end of the day to push it over the 10,000 mark. I like having the added motivation they bring.


Inspirational lady indeed!...xx


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