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Seeking menopause advice

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My period ended at 46 but now that I’m 50 enter mood swings, brain fog & insomnia. Is it normal to have menopause symptoms this many years after my last period.

What treatments have worked well? I’m all about natural remedies first & foremost but at this point I’ll consider HRT if others can convince me it’s safe. I fear cancer risks.

Any advice appreciated. PM me if you’d like.

13 Replies
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Hi again. I saw your post. I posted myself, but this group doesn't seem very active. Hopefully someone will respond to us.

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🙂 Search online for Menopause Support Group..there are options..including groups on Facebook.

🙂 You might be interested in this link

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Yes it sounds like menopause you can try natural 1st if that what you want if not your Gp can prescribe Hrt it is bodyidentical so very safe to use . The benefits outweigh the risks it prevents heart attack, osteoporosis, and dementia. Look up Doctor Louise Newson she is a menopause specialist and check the balance app it has all the information and support you need. Davina Mcall has a book out too and there is a very good book called Estrogen Matters it will ease your mind and worries about cancer scare and Hrt. Hope this helps I've been on Hrt over 35 years quality of life is important to me.x

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hello i agree i been on it about 4 years after not having any symptoms i thought oh im sailing through it then i got a big list of them i been on hrt low dose patches i know lots on them been on about 4 years after reading up on stories some are even staying on for life its about quality of life and been able to function as a normal human being mentaly and physicaly, and it does help reverse the ageing process,doctors wont prescribe if were at risk,ive no cancer genetics or other health risk factors🤗

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Hi I'm on a lot of menopause groups and women are suffering because Gps will not prescribe Hrt they have very little training and don't have the time to listen and follow up appointments. The waiting list for NHS Gynecologist is long which is forcing women to go private if they can afford it. Menopause can be devastating and disabilitating. X

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i had to go off it one summer as there was shortage the glue wasnt sticking, i get more anxious when im not on it worry about my mam and the future etc you could try the natural remedies x

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Symptoms can come and go for many years, I’m over 20 years past menopause yet still get random symptoms, a friend of mine is over 30 years past it and she’s currently going through hot flushes again.

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I'm 69 in few months and I cannot cope without Hrt I've tried many times to come off it but symptoms are too severe. X

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I find watching my stress levels really helps reduce my symptoms, along with reducing sugar and making sure I eat plenty of protein.

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I eat healthy and exercise but I am easily stressed. Is there supplements or foods you find helpful?

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Hi. Weirdly I watched the two Davina documentaries on All4 last night. I would recommend. I plan to visit my GP and ask about the Triple Treatment option.

Insanely I have no idea if I am peri or post menopause. The meds I am on stopped my periods when I was 42…

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I have similar things nga going on, but also have PCOS and other health issues. It's hard to separate one condition from another and my Dr is not entirely helpful.

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Hi All...Dr Louise Newson has a "Free" course for GP's and health professionals or anyone who would like to take the course on Menopause.

(Her "Balance" App is good too.)

If you search FourteenFish you can find the course on there named 'Confidence in Menopause'.

I have been put off taking HRT, however having done the course, I feel more knowledgeable, empowered and now know what to ask for!

So much so...I looked up the Micronized Progesterone and its ingredients and also decided on an Estrogen spray. Ingredients looked at here too!

I made an appointment with my GP practice yesterday and she prescribed me what I asked for!

She even said that she was to take the course too!

I hope this helps! X

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