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Advice needed - Menopausal

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I really need some advice about periods during menopause and what's "normal". Unfortunately, I have no senior or older female to discuss this with due to a non existent relationship with my Mum.

Ok, so about me . . . I'm 48 and probably been peri menopausal since the age of approx 44. My periods have been irregular for at least 2-3 yrs. My last proper period was Nov 2018 and I mistakenly thought that was it, having had no periods at all apart from the exception of a very light "bleed" in Feb 2019 which I wouldn't really call a period. And then I had a very light short 3 day bleed in January and this month I've had a period lasting 10 days so far and counting. I have never had a period lasting this long! I'm not bleeding heavily but I am worried by the fact it's lasting this long.

Should I be worried?

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I am now 68 and started having funny periods from my late 40s a bit like you describe. Periods could be light and the non existent for a few months then a heavy one could last for 10 days. If you’re worried see the GP to make sure. I think you have to go a year with no bleeding before you can assume the menopause is over. I was years till it finished. Last period was when I was 55 but I wasn’t having them every month they just tapered off.

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Yes, I think it's a year with no periods and then you're classed as going through menopause. But I'm sure I read somewhere that it's 2 years if under the age of 50?

Back in 2017 and 2018 I'd go several months without a period. But in the last year or so it's much longer. It's the not knowing when they're going to happen and the unpredictable nature as well. I think if it lasts much longer I may have to consider seeing my GP. I'd rather not as I've had more than my fair share of medical appointments in the last 3 years or so with other health issues!

Hi tigerlily. My periods were all over the place for around 8 years. Very heavy and lasting two weeks at a time to then spotting most days to then lighter periods for 4 days and then another period a week later etc. My last period I ever had was like something out of a horror movie lol!! The heaviest I have ever seen which lasted a few days and that was it. I haven’t had a period now for around two years so safe to say I’m pretty much done with the menopause. I’m only 48 so did not expect this to happen yet but it has. I would get yourself to the gp if you are worried or concerned but it all sounds pretty normal x

I would certainly recommend you book to see your GP... perhaps ask the receptionist if they have a GP specialising in Menopause. I would also draw you to some amazing, factual information on an Instagram site “ menopause_doctor”. She has a website too and details are on her Instagram. She has also written a book that can be easily purchased at all usual bookstores at a great price ( I am yet to buy but think it would be very informative). You could send her a message on Instagram too? Get yourself well informed on the Menopause as unfortunately many GP’s are ill informed so you can be armed with relevant questions and decide what you want to achieve from your GP appointment. Maybe keep a diary of symptoms, etc in the meantime? Best of luck.

Hi Tigerlily. As far as I understand nothing is 'normal' during the perimenopause. I think that the biggest concern for you right now is this period lasting for over 10 days You may need to see a doctor to actually stop the bleeding. Do you feel weak and tired? I am unfortunately part of the women who did stop having their period for 12 months and they started again. What a joy! Ask you GP to be referred to a gynecologist to check that everything is ok. You may still need anyway to see a private gyne after that, because gyne under the NHS only check for diseases. They don't really care about what you are going through. If you can afford it (you may have a private insurance), go and see one and they will help you through this difficult time. Gyne under the NHS will only refer you back to your GP if you have no disease and for further treatment (what a joke!!!). But the tests done under the NHS will at least save you a lot of money. And by the way, my experience of perimenopause is totally different to the one of my mum, and again of my aunt or of my older sister. 4 totally different stories (yes, I have the worse one).

Good luck!

Thank you to all of you that replied. My period and the bleeding lasted for 20 days in the end! I didn't go to my GP and just kept hoping it would stop eventually!

I think if it happens again I'll have to make an appointment with my GP.

I often feel fatigued and exhausted as I have other health issues inc fibromyalgia and CFS so it probably didn't help matters.

I could now go months and months before I see another period!

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