Menopause/anxiety/dizziness, any advice please

Hi, im 52 and pretty sure I'm in the menopause, hot flashes, no period for almost a year etc, the problem is I seem to be experiencing alot of dizziness n anxiety, I'm very low and depressed too, I know some women have a terrible struggle during this change in their bodies, I'm just feeling so scared and overwhelmed by the symptoms, I'd love to hear if anyone else has experienced these unwelcome symptoms, suppose I'm hoping for a little reassurance too, I've no family at all, I feel quite isolated with no one to talk to about this, any help or advice will be gratefully received, thankyou xxx

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  • Hi I am 48 and the same as you really. I have found good advice on the A.Vogel website where you get regular emails from Eileen with all the advice and tips on the menopause. A.Vogel are a brand that sells sage tablets etc for hot flushes. I get hot and feel blood is rushing to my head I hate it. Hope you find this helpful xx

  • Thankyou for the replies, very kind of you xx

  • Have you had your thyroid tested ? the symptoms you are experiencing could be due to an underactive thyroid. You need TSH, T4 and T3 tested initially.

  • Hi bantam12

    Yeah I had bloods done and doctor told me thyroid was ok along with kidney functions etc, I'm putting a lot of it down to menopause, but my anxiety just gets the better of me sometimes lately, just hate the dizziness etc, makes me feel unsafe n scared to go out, I know this is a struggle for so many, it's a very difficult thing to overcome xx

  • Doctors know very little about thyroid disease as you will see on the HU thyroid forum, many 1000's of people either undiagnosed or badly treated.

    You need to get a print out of the results so you can see where your levels are, results that doctors deem normal are frequently not, as long as results come within the given range they assume there is no problem hence so many people struggling with overt symptoms. If you want opinions on your results do post on the TUK HU site for advice.

    The other things to look at are B12 and VitD, these two are the most common deficiencies, both will cause symptoms but you should ideally

    be tested before supplementing.

  • Hi bantam12, I had no idea this was the case, its certainly something I'll look into, thanks for your replies :-)'xx

  • Hi Suzie, I have your symptoms too along with painful joints. If you look at the Vogel site they do have lots of suggestions for various symptoms. I put everything down to the menopause because I havent experienced this before and even when I went to the doctor just to see if these symptoms are 'normal' she didnt seem to have anything to say and just didnt seem to know. It is a horrible time and my mood is the worse part of it all.

    HOWEVER I have to say though in the last 2 weeks I suddenly feel better in my mood, and I am touching wood as we speak, that it continues. So I do believe there is light at the end of the tunnel. I am 54 and I think I have been menopausal for around 4 years, so I hope the same happens for you :) x

  • Thankyou Cinders09, very reassuring to read your reply, :-) xxx

  • Have you tried the menopause support pill from boots (own brand)? I find it helps with low moods,I think due to the vit b12.

  • Never heard of those pills, thanks Smackee I'll look into that :-) xx

  • I had dizziness earlier this year with my menopausal symptoms and I saw the Menopause Clinic here in Edinburgh and they confirm that is a symptom of menopause. Just to say though that I'm using oestrogen patches as part of a regime at the moment and I'm finding them really helpful with my mood and sleep hallelujah! I use Evorel 50.

    This is a good group to get support from fellow sufferers... hope you feel better soon and some of the information helps you... God bless love and prayers x :)

  • Thankyou Rachh8, yes all the replies have been helpful, the dizziness is my main issue really because it triggers my anxiety, but I do intend to take on-board all the advice, it's also reassuring for me so thanks again, much appreciated :-) xxx

  • there is a blood test you can have to ascertain if you have started the menopause, I'm certain you have, usually women follow after their mothers I did with mine. I was 42 when I started I'm now 55, my mum was 40 & apart from her having hot flashes she didn't have any other problems, on the other hand it's been the bane of my life & 13yrs through it I still have hot flushes. And to top it all up I was diagnosed with a chronic illness' this year & through meds my hot flushes are worse than ever. Good luck. Tc xx

  • Hi,,im 52 and have all the same symptoms or had as its over but you still get symptoms sometimes. Anxiety gets worse if you have it already i have found and other problems occur. Joint pain yes,palpitations,weight gain,sleeplessness. Just try and eat well and healthily and look after yourself as much as possible. The bad thing i had and still do are Migraines and have to take Beta Blockers for they were so bad!!. They help anxiety too. Hope you get things sorted and feel you can cope better. Your not alone.

  • Thank you for replying, it helps hearing from other women who have experienced menopause issues, least I know it's not just me, thanks again :-)

  • Hi there, I am in my early forties and have same symptoms, not the period part though. I still get my period, but recently stopped the pill,.my period came on time naturally but was very light. The other symptoms are doing my head in.

    I do hope you get some relief.


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