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Best PCOS treatment/advice you have?

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Hi all! I was diagnosed with PCOS a few years ago and at the time wasn't having any periods. Since they returned last year I've been having AWFUL symptoms and was recently told I have a hormonal imbalance in that my progesterone is far too low and my estrogen is normal (so I have estrogen dominance).

Since I suffer with chronic migraines( which have been much worse since my periods returned) my Gynae has put me on the progesterone only pill rather than the combined pill.

I've read some mixed things about it's effectiveness for PCOS, and I'm wondering if it helped anyone or if there was another medication/ treatment/ that did?

Basically what would be your best advice on treating and managing the symptoms of PCOS?

Thank you!!


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you would be better off having either utrogestan which is a natural bio identical progesterone capsule or natural progesterone cream

real lara bridan s blog it may help you understand more about natural progesterone

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thank you!

I think it can be different for everyone as I have PCOS and have been on the combined pill for years. It really did help with my pain and my skin! But I’ve recently found out I have endometriosis as well and my Gynae said the progesterone only pill will help with that pain! I’m not sure how it will affect my PCOS but willing to switch at the moment.

So the pill and naproxen helped manage my pain, but hope you find something that works for you!

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rosyovary in reply to medw

thank of luck with your treatments!

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