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wondering if anyone has any advice , a few months ago I never came on my period So I went to get multiple pregnancy tests And was on the pill I came off it a few months ago because I was loosing my appetite An it was making me feel sick, I got given the morning after pill a few days later I came on and I wasn't pregnant An then my periods went back to normal and this month I haven't came on and I have took a pregnancy test and I'm not pregnant but why haven't I came on my period yet,Is it something to worry about ,is it normal?

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The Birth control pills can make your periods lighter, or cause you to miss periods or have less or more frequent periods or even no periods at all.

I stopped taking it months ago can that still affect my periods now?? , thank you ann

Most women’s bodies will go back to normal hormone production after coming off the pill. It’s possible to become pregnant just a few days after you stop taking oral contraceptives. On the other hand, It could take a few months for your body to begin ovulating and menstruating on its schedule again.some women will experience a delay before their regular menstrual cycles returns, especially those who had irregular periods before taking oral contraceptives.

Shall I just stay off the pill then till it's back to normal or go back on it ?

yes, your period will be on its schedule again it will be back to normal.

Thank you Ann , my minds finally at rest been so stressed thinking about it

My Daughter had irregular periods too. Until She started taking Niveau Labs Krill oil. It was incredible. She went from completely irregular periods, skipping some months, other times very late to have a monthly period like clockwork. It regulated within a month of starting. She still takes krill for a year and has been regular ever since.happy to help you :) Don't be stress.Stress can also cause you to miss period.

I know, were can you get them tablets or have they got to be prescribed ?

the krill oil can be bought directly on their website:

and you can try this coupon: Niveau15

Thank you Ann means a lot

Niveau krill oil is amazing. My two daughters and I have been taking it for more than 8 months.

Thanks kath

you're welcome dear

You're very welcome. I am happy to help you :) let me know how it goes.

I will do 🙂

I have now came on thanks for everyone's advice

That's good to hear chlor.

Hi, Ann, I purchased Niveau krill Last month for my PMS, and I am almost running out of it. I am just wondering if I can use the coupon that you posted?

thank you.

Hi kimmadison , Yes you can use that coupon every time you order :)

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