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Can anyone discuss having a full hysterectomy with me please?

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I have a benign cyst on my ovary, which seems to have been there ages and shows no signs of going away on it's own. Ive been having a lot of symptoms which may be caused by it. I am 64 so of course have gone through the menopause. My consultant wants to give me a full hystectomy, but I am uncertain because removing my ovaries can mean less estrogen, as the ovaries continue to make estrogen till the day we die otherwise, and we need it to help with immune system, metabolism and much else. Ive been having very high white blood cell counts for a while, which get higher and higher as time goes on. The consultant says they are not connected. It's easy to say take hrt but that can give you problems and can cause or contribute to various cancers. Look forward to hearing from you if you have any real knowledge or experience on this. Thank you.

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🙂 You might like to see previous discussions..type hysterectomy in the right

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I'm afraid your oestrogen stopped as soon as menopause was complete. I had a complete hysterectomy at 50. Cysts on both ovaries, fibroids, high cancer markers and a familial history of ovarian cancer.My oestrogen, like anyone without functioning ovaries, stopped within 2 hours.

Yours will have already. Surely you noticed the difference to your skin etc? Unless you had HRT?

I was in hospital 48 hours. Consultant told me I should write a blog as most women stayed a week!

I have a scar the whole across my tummy, below knicker line but apart from that, it was, OK.

If a surgeon says they need to come out, do it. After menopause they are as useful as an appendix.

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Hi, thanks for reply. I think i've read stuff about how the ovaries give out hormones right up to the end of life, only less after the menopause. The doctor I spoke to today said yes they do, but it would not be much so some hrt cream should do the trick to replace what you loose when they are removed. I've been told ive no choice about them being removed, its needed to get rid of the cyst. BUT then I have the advantage of getting rid of my prolapsed wombwhich is useless to me and might have problems one day if it stays. Ive never taken hrt and dont like the thought of it at all. And my skin is no different to before. But I do get symptoms which could be put down to low estrogen, although the doctor insists this is not the case.

Hi I had hysterectomy in my 50's. It is the best thing I ever did. I was anaemic due to blood loss because of fibroids.I did not go on hrt and remained active and ate healthily.

I am now 63 and still very active.

Different doctors have different advice regarding hrt but at the end of the day it is your choice. People will argue the cause to take it or not to take it.

Good luck

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Hello - thank you. With any big thing people will have a strong opinion and say yes or no, the important thing is to have the facts and fit those with your own situation. People say your ovaries do not produce hormones past menopause - this is untrue, so it is silly to consider that when deciding.. Am glad you fine!

Hello - I've been deliberating for approx 6 years about a BSO. I had a subtotal abdominal hysterectomy in 2010 (when I was 45) and wanted to keep anything that was healthy. I had large uterine fibroids and had delayed hysterectomy for 7 years (I'd tried many, many alternative treatments). I have to say it was a very good decision. However, the thought of more surgery is worrying me... but I have an 8cm cyst (which is still growing) and a 6cm cyst (which isn't). The gynaecologist is concerned about the fact that it's still growing and I must be in menopause now. I have some markers of menopause but not the usual stuff. In fact, I didn't even know I'd gone through it/ was in it. I've requested an MRI and hormone check before I make the final decision but it's looking highly likely that I'll agree to surgery.

Like you, my decision was based upon ovaries being useful post-menopause, as a preventative for dementia, Parkinsonism, heart issues, etc etc but I'm kinda weighing this up against the (however remote) possibility of ovarian cancer. I might have a shorter life without ovaries and I realise the recovery will take up to a year (it did for SAH, at least. Yes, I could function physically before then but I was aware of 'swelly belly', internal stitches etc for months afterward). It's major surgery and requires pause for thought - to me, at least.

I guess it's about checks and balances. It's a gamble either way, I reckon. I've gambled thus far without regular symptoms but now... it seems the cysts are starting to grumble. Poor old ovaries have gotta go. I just wish a cystectomy was possible but it's not, in my case.

It's a difficult decision. Listen to your intuition. I can tell you I was glad I had the SAH and don't regret leaving my ovaries in situ for a few years. If I have ovarian cancer? I don't know as yet but I can't go back and change the outcome. I can only look at what I can do now which might well improve my quality of life in years to come. I remain hopeful.

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Hi Forestgirl, thanks for the response. I feel for you, it's tough. I am not able to say yes or not , it has to happen eventually. I might as well get it over and done with. I am 64 so not thinking of children. And looking at using something like sage or primrose oil after.I do as much as I can to keep fit and healthy, I do a lot of exercise which also helps to stave off dementia, plus diet.

Ooh sage/primrose oil. Thanks for that. I intend to continue with acupuncture pre and post-op.

My feeling is that the best time of year for the op is Spring/summer (if possible). By the time winter comes, I want to be able to walk fearlessly 😂 I’m prepared to write off most of this year, in terms of social events etc and look forward to 2023!

I wish you well 🙏

I had a hysterectomy aged 24yrs old .. i kept only my ovaries and was warned menopause could begin as early as 30yrs old, it didn't, i was fortunate in that i was mid 40's. Currently still on HRT single tablet. id had 3 children in quick succession, my husband and i took the decision and recommendation after trying many different things from smaller surgeries to tablets and having a year to deeply think about it . It was the best decision to know i could wake up knowing bedding would not need washing, that i would be able to look after my children pain free. I can honestly say for my health physical and mental it was the best for us as a family.

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quite different then as mine is a full hysterectomy and much older - glad you are ok

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