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Non stop bleeding then no bleeding


Hello was put onto progesterone pill only because have tried 10 mixed pills and this was the last resort I have suspected endometriosis and have been up and down with irregular bleeding which is why I’m finding it hard to find a pill that suits.. question when I was put on the progesterone pill I bleed straight for 7 months it was awful! So decide to stop 5 weeks ago as I was going insane and have my laparoscopy coming up in October I wanted to try something to see if the bleeding would ease! Problem is I haven’t bleed at all now since.. getting occasional cramping but no blood? Is this normal? “Help”

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Type Endometriosis in the search box at the top right of this page, to find similar posts. Also, google Healthunlocked Communities. Click on the link, and type Endometriosis in the search box. There are links to several communities that may be of help with advice 🙂xB

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