Very heavy bleeder help

I'm 46 years old and in July I bleed for a total of14 days very heavy with huge clots I started again on the sixth of August and I'm bleeding to the point I have to wear two pads and a depends under garment it hurts so bad it is the 13th and I'm still bleeding heavy what could be wrong I am notorious for bleeding heavy but this is ridiculous almost every week other week I'm bleeding please help

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Have you seen your doctor? If so, what did he/she say? Are birth control pills? You might need to set up an appointment to discuss surgery. I did this myself.

I haven't seen my Dr. Lately do to no insurance and I'm tired of hurting all the time

Let me PM you. Hang on.

If clots are bigger than the palm of your hand, see doctor, in fact cause you have pain you should go anyway.

Have you tried the mirena coil. Go to the Dr's you do not have to suffer like this.

Hi I'm 48 and I to bleed heavy always have to be fair but lately my periods are coming quicker like every three weeks plus this month an extra one after a smear. Mine to have clots. I have a fibroid have you been checked for this?? Plus I know periods can get heavy a closer then go the other way lighter a less as you get older. Right now is like it all to stop so I feel for you.

I had periods every other week before I had surgery 3 years ago. They were very heavy back then.

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