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Help!!!!! Need advice

Bleeding/spotting 24/7

Hi there I've never posted on these kind of sites before, so don't really now where to start.

I am 25 and was diagnosed with epilepsy 2 years ago. I have been taking lamotrigine medication ever since.

I had the implant put in last January and started bleeding and spotting regularly. The gp recommended I tried the mini pill along with the implant. (Absolutely no change) after a year of this I had the implant removed but continued with the mini pill (cerelle)

Months later and the spotting continues, a couple of weeks ago I began bleeding heavy, heavier than I've ever bled (other than after childbirth) with clots.

It has calmed down again now and back to spotting.

I'm out of ideas. I can not have a smear (because of the constant bleeding) and my gp doesn't really help or reassure me. .....

I don't no what to do next, I can not handle bleeding for the following years.....

Any advice or help anyone.....

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Have you talked to your Neurologist? Some birth control meds. aren't that effective when on anticonvolsants. I'm Epeliptic, as well. I also have Diabetes on top of that with the PCOS.

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I haven't spoken to them lately, initially I asked about contraception and the pill was suggested. ..

I am aware that I can not take the Combined pill due to the hormone imbalance.

I have an appointment with my gp again today....

I'm at the stage where she needs to do or suggest something. I'm so frustrated and she hasn't given me any kind of suggestion as to what it could be.......

have you had any problems in the past with any of this?.....

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There were a lot of pills that I had to be on before I got the right one for myself and the epelepsy and PCOS to agree. I hope this makes sense, but since my surgery, I don't have to take no anymore. Just the anticonvulsant and insulin.


I don't know a lot about this area but just wanted to suggest one thing that you could look into. I find natural progesterone much more helpful than the prescribed progesterone as it's more bioidentical and I have a neurological disorder. I'm wondering if this might be helpful to you might be worth researching.


Natural progesterone?? 😕


Hi yes like I say you should research it. It can be helpful in brain injury and I have a neurological disorder and it has helped me no end. I don't think it's harmful to try in small doses anyway to see if it helps but I certainly need the maximum dose now but I'm also Menopausal. You don't have to be Menopausal though to benefit from natural progesterone but that's why I'm saying to you should research it and look into how it's all involved in the body and the Brain the benefits of it, the formulas, the availability in conjunction with any issues that you have. hope it helps anyway.


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