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Sore boobs but no period!

Hello all, am yet to go to the doctors but basically I am 4 days late on my period but have the period symptoms, sore boobs, feeling really down etc and cramping! I am not pregnant (you need to have sex for that)

I did notice that my period last month was very light, but put it down to stress, but now I think its not that case as ive just had 3 weeks off work....

Any guidance would be appreciated!

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If there is no possibility that you were pregnant before your last period which was light, then I would see GP. Are you Anemic?


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Is your weight gain unexplaineable? Have you had any blood tests? Thyroid function tests?


I have gained alot if weight due to stress (like in huge volumes) I will just need to see the GP I guess!

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Hey Mary, thanks for replying 😊 i have taken like 4 pregnancy tests and all say negative.... the last time I had intercourse was October. I dont think I am anemic... have tried to make a appointment with GP and they have said my plight is not urgent enough to get a appointment... I feel so awful.. 😔

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You don't have to give any symptoms or reasons to the receptionist or phone operator when making an appoinment to see GP - only for emergency appoinment.

In our practice we can go and queue between 8 and 8.30 am for a same day appoinment. They start giving out appointments at 8.30am. if you just phone and can't get through you might miss out.

Ask your doctor for Thyroid Antibodies blood tests. (TPO & Tg) .

Check out the list of symptoms on Thyroid UK website and see how many you have.


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