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Menopausal - I'm not my self anymore


I've been experiences menopausal symptoms now for over 18 months, I'm 46. But towards the end of last year I started feeling very low, I've become a hermit, I get angry at the most stupid things and now I can't stop crying. I feel totally lost and like the old me has gone. I had an ablation last November and the gyno put me on the pill as my mirena col fell out. I had to stop taking them as they made me like a psycho!!! I've tried a herbal tablet called black cohosh and it did help with the sweats but doesn't help my bad mood swings. Is this it....or is there something else that I could do to help control the moods? I feel so helpless...

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Hi I am 49 and have come out the other side of it all now and its great not having periods anymore but as I am reaching my 50th birthday I too have had feelings that am losing the younger me , getting older can;t wear my clothes as don't fit anymore and all that. I think its a midlife panic crisis. I found sage tablets helpful through menopause and quiet life tablets also help which were from Boots. Try not to hide yourself away as thats not helping your depression feelings. You will come out the other side and all those nasty feelings hopefully will go away. Take care xxx


HI Angela, Know exactly how you are feeling which you are probably thinking does not help, but when it comes to the menopause I think it is a case of try all and see which things help you. I appeared to be sailing through, one heavy period and then none. But the sweating is something else. Once it started I was thrown full pelt into it. I mean day and night and I have had to shower in the night. Eventually went to GP who gave me HRT, but sadly the sweats increased. Mood swings which change within minutes and now I am struggling to hold down work. I left my full time role and went temping but that has practically stopped and I too and becoming a hermit. It really is a case of what works for one does not for another. I have hit 60 now and still see no end. Listen to peoples recommendations, all worth a try. Someone told me Grapes the fresh sort not in alcohol bottle :) but it did nothing but I try anything. All I can say is remember you are not alone and listening and reading others experience helps.


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