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Not in menopause but have the symptoms

Hello all. New to the site. I'm 49 and have been having lots of menopause symptoms - sweating and hot constantly, poor sleep & feel shattered all the time, difficulty concentrating, sore boobs for half the month. Difficulty in shifting weight. No idea what my periods are like as I have a Mirena fitted. I've had a blood test and am not in the menopause,but have been like this for at least 7-8 years. Anyone else in a similar situation? What supplements can I take? Thanks.

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Hi JaynieB78 , I have not long since posted a very similar post to yours. I too have the mirena coil fitted 5 years ago I have all the same symptoms as you. I have had a period since it was fitted. I'm 42.....however I first had cold night sweats when I was 30 they used to come and go. They have come back and are more frequent. I'm suffering all the symptoms, sore boobs similar to when you're pregnant, brain fog, constantly saying the wrong words, hair falling out, no sex drive, itchy skin the lost go's on!

I really feel for you. I haven't had blood test for a few years but I have been tested quite a few times over the last 12 years. It's such an isolating feeling. I feel like I loosing my femininity 😢 and feel quite lost. I'm even considering not going back to my GP as I feel a male doctor just won't understand. X

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Hi MrsHaz. Good to know that there are others out there that have the same symptoms as me. Don't know what the answer is unfortunately! Keep your chin up and just keep smiling. X

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Hi jaynieB68, after worrying that my male GP would not understand how I am feeling I couldn't of been more wrong....... I went to see him today and he was brilliant! Took time to listen to me. Looked thoroughly through my records and gave me advise on what the blood test involves and then fully explained the process of the menopause and treatments. He also reassured me that he would further investigate symptoms if the blood test showed hormone levels are normal.

So first bloods next Wednesday then a repeat 6 wks later. X

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That sounds fab. My female GP has always told me I'm too young to be in the menopause & when the blood tests have come back normal, hasn't discussed anything further. But I know my own body! Let me know how you get on. Xx

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Hi 😁 that will probably happen to me too, but like you say we know our own body. Will let you know how it goes. X

Hi JaynieB68,

I’m also 49 haven’t had bloods yet but due to see my doc next week.

Haven’t had a period now for 2 months and have all of your symptoms.... sounds like you are going through the menopause.

I take primrose and sunflower capsules, red clover and sage herbal tablets and they have helped me so much. I wanted to try the herbal route before I went down HRT. I was getting over 20 sweats a day but now I get roughly 2/3

Good Luck x

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Thanks for the advice. I will certainly try those supplements. X

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Sorry forgot to mention i take iron too and my energy levels have changed so much x

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