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Ovarian cyst or pregnancy?

I'm 20 and for the past 6/7 days, I've had pressure in my abdomen. It started off like an ache in both sides but it's mostly been on the right side. Sometimes, it eases off a bit throughout the day, especially if I keep busy and don't think about it.

The thing is I've never had anything like this before and it feels strange. I've been urinating a lot and I've been really hungry. I've also had quite a lot of cervical fluid so I'm not sure if this is an ovarian cyst, pregnancy, or something else?

I know that the one way to determine if it's an ovarian cyst is through an ultrasound but I'm not sure how long I'll have to wait. I can't take a pregnancy test yet as I have at least a week and a half until I'm expecting my period so I'm not sure how accurate the test would be. I'm getting really worried at this point and any thoughts would be appreciated.

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See your GP as it's no good trying to guess what might be wrong.


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