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Possible pregnancy

Hi everyone I'm new to this. So here goes

I had my tubes cut tied and burnt after my last c-section in November 2012. I have an on point 28 day cycle. I saw my last period on the 29th of June, they last five days. After that i kept falling asleep at my computer at work, I've gained a little weight, urinating often, nauseous everyday and night, there is creamy fluid coming out my left nipple while transparent fluid out the right. A

Before this i had heavy white discharge two days when i wiped after using the bathroom. Then i spot once on the 24th late in the afternoon, nothing for that night. I spot off and on the 25th only when i pee and also on the 26th with some pressure so i went to the hospital, where they did a blood test for pregnancy and it was negative. My period was due on the 27th i haven't seen anything and today is the first of August. On the 31st when i went to the bathroom there was the fai test pink discharge with some stuff that look like mucus. Someone please help could i be pregnant. . Desperately hoping

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Probably the best advice anyone would give is to make an appointment with your Doctor, in case you had a false negative. xB


I agree. Go to your Gp or buy a test. In that case you can check if the first test wasnt good. Good luck!!


Thanks naomi1002

I felt so sick last night, now this morning. I did a test. I'm thinking of going to the hospital and do an ultrasound. Will let you guys know how it turns out. Sorry the test said neg


Endo has side effects that can make you feel sick, bloated and dizzy. I thought i was pregnant because i had a very extended tummy, but i wasnt. I had a large cyst on my ovarie and then when i had surgery they realised there was a spot of endo as well. Make sure they will check you and you seel help from gp.

Good luck with everything!!



i also think that you should consult your GP.


Thank everyone. Well I'm presently at the hospital. Will let you know how it goes


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