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Menopause symptoms

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I’m 45 I missed my period this month I feel bloated bad cramps for a couple of months. I feel Nauseous sick to my stomach.

I made appointment to get checked out to see what is going on.

I hope it’s not serious problems

Im a single mom. I have 2 older kids.

My family goes to menopause in their 40s.

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I had the same few years ago sounds like perimenopause to me ask your doc for a test to check your hormone level x

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Thanks for sharing that.

Take care

Check out the website above and make sure you have all the info before seeing your doctor. Took me seeing 4 different doctor’s before I could get any help as they had very little training on perimenopause and HRT. Because I was only 39, I had to ask to be referred to a specialist before I got the help needed and took nearly a year altogether! 😔

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You had to go through a lot.

Thank you for the information.

Take care.

It sounds like perimenopause, I had and still having these symptoms at 45, im 50 this year, go to your gp, if that one does not talk about menopause and options like HRT, then find another who will. Sometimes the tests come back with very low readings and dr 's won't give you anything, you need a gp who is sympathetic. Hrt has many forms now and is alot safer these days.

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I hope to find a good doctor to talk to. Take care thanks

I was suffering from painful bloating for the last 9 years. Had all possible tests - gastro and gynaecology. All tests were fine. But bloating did not go away until I heard from the friend about Enterosgel which is a natural absorbent. I only take one dose when needed. That is my only solution for pre and menopause bloating. I am 53.

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Thanks for telling me about that. Take care

Highly likely it's peri but you are doing the right thing getting checked out. Nausea, abdominal discomfort and bloating can be signs of something serious, or an ovarian cyst - two years ago I had one of these with those exact symtoms including the skipped period. However for me that was the start of what I believe is peri-menopause. My experience has been that if you have a good GP they will rule out anything serious (for me that included a lot of blood tests, a colonoscopy and endoscopy, every organ in my body being ultrasounded, and with different recent symptoms a complete cardiology check and mammogram) and once that has been done you are clear to talk about hormones.

I just stuck my first estrogen patch on my bum this morning! I am hoping my symptoms will now start to reduce. But it can be hard to get the right treatment depending on your GP. Read up anything you can find from Louise Newson and look up menopause societies in whatever country you live in too. Of course, you may not want HRT but for me I figured my quality of life is now low enough that it's worth a shot.

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