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Hello, sorry if this is in the wrong place but I need some advice.

I'm 24, no children, and I had the Mirena Coil fitted about 2 weeks ago. I've tried numerous types of contraception and I had side effects from each of them, some I had to be taken off due to migraines. I was offered the coil which was the greatest idea until this point.

I'm just checking if it's normal to have bad period pain almost every single day with the coil? I went to my doctors and she checked it and said it's not moved, or my body isn't pushing it out or anything - it's just taking its time to settle in.

The pain scales from just putting up with it, to the point of being on the couch, hot water bottle, pain killers and unable to move for about 30 mins, maybe more.

I'm worried that I'm taking pain killers every day, and if this pain is normal? I know it takes a while to settle in and everyone is different. I just need some advice please. Thank you x

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As you've mentioned being taken off other meds due to migraines and headaches, I would recommend that you talk to your GP about getting tested for a condition that has several names - but all meen the same thing. This is Antiphosphalipid Syndrome/Hughes Syndrome/sticky blood. This disorder causes clotting in the blood among other symptoms! You can always look it up yourself and have a look at the symptoms and see if they match anything that you have experienced.

I myself was diagnosed with Hughes after coming off the pill to have my daughter and then when I went back on the pill it caused blood clots and a bleed on my brain. I have always suffered migraines and other symptoms but didn't put 2 and 2 together until it was almost too late. I have now been fitted with the coil which I've had for around 6 years. I did have pain for the first few months, but if your ever worried you should always speak to your GP anyway.

Hope this helps, Sally x


Thank you Sally! Did you have pain every day for 2 months? I'll check my symptoms in a second! Didn't even think of that! X


I have coil fitted back in may. and it took 3 months to settle. I bled most days that whole time with pain also then 3 months in, it's all gone now and I don't bleed or have pain. Wait abit longer. My doctor told me you can bleep up to 6 months after colo fitting. As long as it's not heavy and severe bleeding.


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