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Any help appreciated

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Hi, bare with me this may be a long one.

So in may 2017 i stopped smoking, a week after quiting i noticed a pain in my shoulder blade while breathing along with a funny pain down my arm to my elbow sort of like a trapped nerve. Doctors blamed me picking up my daughter and said it was a trapped nerve. I have been back about it 4 times with always the same outcome which is trapped nerve. I seem to get it every few months. On thursday afternoon out of no where i noticed the pain in my shoulder blade while breathing in, que the arm pain ( i don't think i had lifted my daughter much that day) this then turned in to a pain in my colarbone and back of ribs on Saturday night as well. Now i also have one swollen tonsil, ear pain and a very sore neck! Every time i google it brings up lung cancer and lymphoma. I'm 25 years old,i have a 2 year old and 26 weeks pregnant now. Surly this cant be a trapped nerve. Last time i had the shoulder and arm pain was the end of febuary when i had a bit of a cold. Anyone had this? What is it? Its driving me insane

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Hmm...I have no idea what that could be but I would definitely keep up the research about it. Try a cooling gel you can rub on your sore neck (I use unkers found in the Amish country in ohio) and possibly take a relaxing hot bath to soothe aches and pain (try epsom salt with that, it works wonders) and try to maybe change the way you eat. I just found out yesterday that eating a lot of sugar and carbs may cause anxiety. When I eat healthy, I don’t feel as much pain as usual. I hope you feel better and I hope the baby is healthy :)

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Tbh i can't find any thing online that fully matches the aches and pains i have. Very very worried now that google is bringing up lymphoma and lung cancer. Ever since i had my daughter i worried about my health hence the quitting smoking. I just feel like doctors fob you off constantly. I have had a breast ultrasound because of lumps and that was all fine but i had to go back to the gp 4 times over 6 months before i finally got someone to actually investiagte. Paracetomol don't help and unfortunetly i dont think there is much more i can take been pregnant x

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I don’t visit the doctor unless I have to (I hate going to the doctor personally) so I try to use a lot of natural home remedies. Especially given the fact that you’re pregnant I would definitely reach out with other pregnant women and see if they have a similar pain in their shoulder. Maybe after nine months the pain will stop, so keep the faith! I will be praying for you!

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I have had the pain for a year so know it is not related to the pregnancy x

There are lots of muscles and tendons around that area so it's possibly something connected to some movement you occasionally do but you need to get your GP to take you seriously, ask for a scan at least, possibly an appt with an orthopaedic physio.

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Thank you i will defiently ask. Will they scan? I know they won't do x rays while pregnant. I doubt I'll be taken seriously they all say the same after reading what previous doctor has written on notes but worth a try x

Anybody else?

If it really is a trapped nerve then request a referral to a neurologist for a nerve study. That will determine whether or nots it’s a trapped nerve. Additionally neurologist generally like to be sleuths and you may get further along. Obviously no trapped nerves your dr will have to start considering other options. Not sure what your insurance coberahe isbut you can always request a second opinion


Saw the different gp yesterday. She had a good feel off my neck, shoulders and shoulder blades. Glands in right sideof neck slightly swollen. She said both my tonsils looked red. Was also having muacle spasms earlier that morning in right shoulder. She thinks i have had some sort of viral infection as well as tight muscles in neck, shoulders and shoulder blade. She says this could be causing the arm pain and a trapped nerve. Given exercises and a medium dose of codiene to take. Although i must say the codiene doesn't help that much. She says to go back and see her if it carrys on.

Also forgot to add she listened to my chest and said it all sounded clear. My muscles do feel tight and sore today. Neck feels tight when i move it side to side. Just waiting it out now and hoping it goes x

Ok so the codine is not working. I am in more pain today. Armpit, shoulder blade and neck. Neck feels tight when moving it also. Abserloutly sick and had enough of it. Can i go back to gp and request an investagation in to it? Can't stop worrying its sometbing more serious x

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Have you ever been tested for Lymes disease?

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