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Can thrush resolve spontaneously?

Hi everyone!

I've been having a few issues recently, I had a UTI last week that lasted roughly the whole week and I was able to flush it out by drinking lots of water and cranberry juice (no antibiotics), then this morning I woke up with a definitely itch in my vagina - felt similar to a mild thrush infection. Through the day it was getting worse to the point where I thought I would have to go to the pharmacy but then it just randomly stopped later in the afternoon!

Has anyone experienced anything similar? No other weird symptoms, no abnormal discharge or smells, no pain on urinating. For context: I'm 23, on the Rigevidon contraceptive pill, STI check was about 5months ago (no other partners). I do have some degree of health anxiety too (could this really be all in my mind??)

Thank you for any advice/experiences :)

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