Long term antibiotics and Thrush

Hi, I need to have my spleen removed due to a rare benign condition. The problem is that I get Thrush at the drop of a hat and always when taking any antibiotic. I have been told that I need to take a low dose antibiotic every day and am concerned that I will have Thrush constantly. Fluconazole does not work , only canestan pessaries The doctors seem to think it is a minor problem but I am not happy about long term affects. Has anybody on long term antibiotics e.g for acne or indeed removal of spleen had constant thrush? GP says that eventually the normal flora of the vagina will sort itself out but I have seen no evidence of this when googling.


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  • Last year on holiday in Greece, I had to consult a doctor for a urinary tract infection. The doctor gave me the usual antibiotics but also some probiotic tablets to prevent thrush. Never been offered this in UK, but you might want to ask for this. All the best. Diane

  • Thanks - I will ask GP- I have also heard of pre- biotics. Probably can't get either on prescription but will find out. Did they work Diane?

  • Yes, the antibiotics worked quickly which makes me think they were quite strong, and I got no thrush so the probiotics worked well too. Good luck. Diane

  • I'm the same with anti biotics.... I once had a friend who swore by applying natural live yoghurt to the area, but prob not something you would want to do everyday! as liver-bird said probiotics with live acidopholus and bifidus are good as they increase the good flora in the body. good luck it's such an irritating condition. you can buy them anywhere.

    Jo x

  • Thanks Jo- do you have a name for the product? So many out there I want to get the right ones :)

  • Not off top of my head but if u Google holland and Barrett with probiotics it should come up. Let me know if you have trouble and I'll try to help

    Jo x

  • Thanks- will pop into the shop tomorrow :) x

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