Struggling with menopause

It's finally arrived and I am working hard to stay motivated. I have sleepless nights and suddenly start sweating in the middle of the day. I am self managing the symptoms and doing my best to get through this.

I prefer natural remedies and need to be consistent with taking care of myself.

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Hi there i know how this feels having sweats daily and nightly at the moment,lack of good quality sleep ,i wake up every couple of hours and find it takes another couple of hours to get back to sleep,ive been in perimenopause for 5 years now,feel like i have 63 out of 66 symptoms,it has had a big impact on my life,i too am managing this the natural way as cannot take hrt,i can only hope this gets way better when we get to the end of the journey postmenopause,thinking of you and all ladies struggling with this,strength and peace to all in the thick of this at the moment.

Thank you for your reply. I truly appreciate you sharing how you are feeling too.

I also cannot remember the last time I sleep through the night.

I listen to meditation music

To Help and it does a little.

yes i do agree meditation and relaxation is more important than ever ,i do feel that we become more tuned in to how we are feeling and how healthy our life choices are at this time in life,before my peri i probably really did not stop and take time to check how i was feeling mentally and physically,just soldiered on,so there are some good things to come out of menopause,it seems to make you sit up and take a look at ourselves where we are and how we feel about life,i do seem to have become more tolerant to others lately and appreciate what is going on around me more,nature ,blue sky,i would like to think this is a sort of life lesson that we have to go through that makes us feel more whole and happier with everything when we get to the end of it,just wish putting on weight in the middle was not part of it ,as i seemed to have gained an extra stone and a half by magic,

Taking sage tablets really helped me I am 49 now and have come out the other side x

I will do that. Thank you.

I empathize with you on this. After 2+ years of waking multiple times a night, I finally agreed to try some conjugated hormones. I am not crazy about the idea, but I am sleeping so much better, have lost a few pounds without trying, and my hair is growing in a little thicker. I tried Black Cohosh with zero effect. Some told me to try exercising for 20-30 min a day to see if it helped (it didn't)...but others in menopause found it reduced their flashes. I wish you the best in this.

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