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Testosterone level in Menopause

Could anyone give me any advice on the test results I have had regarding my testosterone? I am due to see the Endocrinologist next week and due to get HRT as I am menopausal. My main symptom is low to non existent libido. I have had my testosterone checked via private blood test.



TESTOSTERONE 0.376 nmol/L range (0.000




I have heard that low testosterone is often the cause of low libido. The comments from the lab is that this is within the normal range, but it is at the bottom end of the range.

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Your testosterone is on the lower level however low testosterone isn't the only thing that causes a low sex drive, high estrogen does too. And also low Progesterone which combats it.

Do you have vaginal dryness? And dry skin? Are you getting enough sleep?

High estrogen is known for dryness and dry skin while Progesterone helps you sleep.


Thank you for replying to me. The reason I think it is most likely low testosterone is because I do not have any of the other symptoms, just low libido. I have had my Estrogen level tested and it is low normal. I have been self medicating with rubbing a pea sized amount of Progesterone cream on my thighs daily with no improvement. The last letter with the blood test results from the Endo dept. says they will be going to discuss HRT with me at my appointment next week, so I am hoping to get something to address my lack of sex drive. Do you know if 'low normal' testosterone would cause my issue? Thanks in anticipation.


Progesterone is derived from testosterone.


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Thanks Hannah, maybe the progesterone cream I have been using is just not enough to sort my problem? I understand there is a tablet form of HRT called Livial which contains small amounts of testosterone. Maybe this could help me, I will ask the endo if I could try this!


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