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Transgender going from Male to Female Testosterone Blocker and other info


My TG Doctor Fiona Bishop (Transgender Specialist) has drop my Testosterone Blocker Androcur from 50mg to 25mg and also up the dosage on my HRT Estradot from 100mg to 150mg (2x 75mg patches)

What i want to know is how long will it take for the Androcur to kick in again and what will happened to my testosterone levels since i will be taking 25mg of Androcur instead of 50mg of Androcur and also what will happened to my body since i will be taking 150mg of Estradot (2x 75mg patches)

instead of 100mg of Estradot

Ps: My testosterone levels were a little to high

Ps: My transgender specialist Fiona Bishop who is a very good doctor she did not say much at all. All she said was this is a 4 month trial.

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I’m sorry, but this isn’t something that seems to have been discussed before, nothing in archive posts about Transgender. You may have to rely on your Specialist for the best advice, or try posting in a different group🤔xB

TransGirl in reply to wobblybee

Ok then are there any other groups on here ?

Cooper27 in reply to TransGirl

I've had a quick look for you, and there is a gender identity group on the site:

Hopefully you can get some answers :)

wobblybeeAdministrator in reply to TransGirl

If you don’t get a reply from your post on Men’s Health Forum, google ‘transgender’, there are several links, one is bound to have an answer re this query 🙂xB

I’m new here and have no clue. Good luck though.

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