I had a laparoscopy and I was told I had adhesions on my wall of douglas and now im not under any consultants and no futher investigation. Left feeling disheartened! Could it possibily be adenomyosis as they thought it was endometrosis and so did I and im not happy with the result as I was left with complications and a bad report. I was left with no explaination as I've never had surgery before or anything that would explain what happened.. what should I ask my doctors to do next?

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  • Adhesions on the pouch a Douglas are from endometriosis, try to hunt down the doctor who did the surgery and book a follow up with them for treatment plans.

  • the doctor said it wasen't but i was so sure it was because of the relation to my period ect.. she just sent a letter saying because my pelvis was fine no futher investigation, thankyou for the advise I will get in contact with them or pay to go private and see what's going on.x

  • Also if they aren't from endometriosis I would also try to get a hold of them just because adhesions aren't something to be taken lightly.

  • yeah I will do, thankyou.x

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