Lump INSIDE Jawline

Lump INSIDE Jawline

Hi so two nights ago, I was watching a movie and I started crying. While I was crying, I felt pain under my right jaw, not along the skin, like on the fats under my tongue. I felt it swell, now there is no more pain, only when I poke it, but I cant help noticing that there's a circular lump in there. I can move it from one side to another along with the fats. Although, I cant squeeze it. I noticed there's one like it on my left side as well, only this is bigger. What could this be? I'm 19 female btw.


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  • Hi :-)

    It's possible this could be something to do with a Salivary Gland.

    Google ' lump under tongue' several links are shown,

    If it continues to bother you, ask your Doctor to take a look.

    Best wishes :-) xB

  • Thanks so much! Im seriously scared it might be like cancer or something ugh

  • Oh and thanks though I wanna clear that it's not under the tongue but under even the bone,cannot be seen in the skin and only felt when I press on that area. :-)

  • For peace of mind, make an appointment with your Doctor :-) It's ok to be guided by online information but remember that's all it is, a guide. 😊xB

  • Thanks I just dont have the money yet. Theres no free healthcare in my country and Im just 19 (people our age cant work here)

  • Ok. Well, look at all the appropriate links online, hopefully there'll be suggestions that are useful :-)

    It's all too easy to assume any lump is cancer, and once you start thinking about it, the thought is hard to put out of your mind. It could be a cyst, or an overactive gland of some sort and will disappear of it's own accord. Any prodding or poking won't help, try to leave it alone. 😊xB

  • I hope it's just a swollen submandibular gland. Since I can feel another one on the left, only this one's a lot bigger.

  • Sometimes, a Pharmacist can give helpful advice, this is usually free😊xB

  • Thanks so much! I hope it's nothing! If it doesnt go away this week, I'll get checked.

  • Additional Info: it's not soft but clearly moveable as I can move it from within the hollow part on the inside of the jaw to the outer part of the jaw

  • Hi. Sounds like a lymph node if it's on the outside just below your jaw.Is it slightly movable. If so then are usually more noticeable if you have a cold /virus or are fighting off something. It's part if our natural defence system so not normally a problem. Google it to check? They are also on your collar bone and at the back of your head I think? Take care.

  • Hello! Thanks for the info but it's actually on the hollow space in the interior of the jaw. :) I think I have one on the left just not as big as the one on the right

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