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Period or just bleeding in the menopause

Hi, I found this site whilst trying to find an answer so hopefully someone has had a similar experience. I've not had a period for about 14 months so I decided to stop taking the mini pill I was on. I am just 51 so I read that I was ok to do this. Two months later I am bleeding, it's a light period with a little pain. Preceding this I have had a lot of bloating and my breasts have become tender ( I even did a pregnancy test ). Now I am wondering if the pill was what stopped my periods and not the menopause? Anyone experienced anything similar and what did you do? I have a doctors appointment for two weeks time so I will consult but in the meantime.........?

Thanks in advance

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Gosh, I've no experience of the pill, so can't really help. Just to say that the menopause /perimenopause seems to have no rules or patterns. I had breast tenderness once or twice which I never had when having regular periods. And have pronounced bloating,which I really would love to find a solution for.

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