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Why is my left ovary hurting?

I'm 18 years old and I'm on birth control called Camrese. The pill is to not let me have a period for 3 months. I've been on the pill for about 6 months. Out of nowhere I get the stabbing constant pain to where I've hunckered over cause it hurt so bad. I've got a period even though I shouldn't have one. I feel nauseous sometimes. I'm going to the OBGYN Thursday for an ultrasound.

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Hi Chelsea :-)

You may have read my recent post where I referred to pelvic pain?

This started after I went on the pill. Eventually I discovered I had

adhesions around my ovaries. I'd had a burst appendix aged 5, that

was thought to have been at the root of the problem.

I agree the pain is excruitiating, definitely pursue a diagnosis.

Best regards :-) xB

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Why did it just now start. I've been on the pill for now 6 months


Your GP is the best person to advise on this Chelsea.

Yesterday I had chemo, NOTHING to do with your situation.

I'd been experiencing intermitant ovarian pain but nothing

like the chronic pain.

I was told it could be treatment was aggravating the ovaries.

So, you need a medical opinion on this, before your mind

starts running riot:-)

Don't assume the worst, it may be possible a different

contraceptive pill could sort the problem out :-)

By now you've probably had your ultrasound, I hope it's put

your mind at rest :-) xB


I did go get the ultrasound. Everything came back normal. She said that it could be related to bowel movement.

What would bowel movement have to do with me on my period even though I shouldn't be?


Ah! You've reminded me of something else I was told!

The ovaries lie close to the bowel wall, constipation/frequent movements etc

can irritate and cause pain in that area.

I'm having chemo and had to have intensive intravenous antibiotics, a side

effect was ghastly diarrhoea, hence the ovarian pain. Sorry, probably too

much information :-)

So, for you, good news, I'm glad you persevered :-) xB


Another thing how come I have a period even though I shouldn't. My period is mucousy and I've been on it for a week


This is probably something to discuss with your doctor Chelsea :-)

It 's possible it could be due to your body accepting the contraceptive

but it's worth going back for advice anyway, so it doesn't pray on your

mind :-) xB


Alright. Thanks for all your help


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