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Cystoscope and Bladder biopsies


2 years ago I had a urethral dilatation due to repeated uti's. 7 months ago the uti's stopped but I suffered monthly with cystitis blood but no infection.

 Weeks ago I was sent for yet another cystoscope that showed changes so washings were taken for cytology Results were  inconclusive so on 13th april I was sent for cystoscope and bladder biopsies.

Has anyone had this done? I am in constant pain with a "bearing down" feeling, passing a lot of blood and on antibiotics again.I cannot walk very far have not been lifting etc but need to know how long I'm going to feel like this

My results from biopsies are going to take another week. They suspect bladder cancer and biopsies to determine either way.

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Hi Hez🙂

I'm so sorry you're having all this stress.

I've endured a lot of bladder spasms myself, had numerous tests for UTIs and a cystoscopy,  but no cause has been found.

Your GP is the best person to ask for information because he/she has full access to your medical history.

Any unusual blood loss is scary,  and chronic pain is exhausting, so keep off your feet as much as possible 🙂  Get in touch with your GP if the pain and discomfort are uncontrollable. 🙂xB



Thankyou for your reply. I've just had call to say all clear on cancer but cause of chronic cystitis unknown. After 5 cystoscope urethral dilatation and biopsies, I've had enough They told me it could be 6 weeks after biopsies to feel better.


I'm so glad you've had news of 'all clear'🙂  After one cystoscopy I'd had enough,  it left me with a nasty infection  and I needed antibiotics.

Let's hope a cause is found for the blood loss.  In the meantime, be kind to yourself 🙂xB

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Thankyou. Your kind words mean  a lot 


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