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Prolapse bladder

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Hi all, wanted to know if anybody has had a pessary ring fitted for a prolapse bladder? Ime 57 and had a hysterectomy when i was 42 and have had 2 children. I have grade 3 prolapse and want to try the pessary, has anyone had any experience with one? Many thanks.

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🙂 You might find helpful advice in previous discussions. Type ‘pessary ring’ in the searchbox (above right) to see links.

Pessary ring

I'm having one fitted this thursday a ring pessary with support 64mm please message me if you have one fitted as l would like to message someone who is in the same boat. All the best to you.

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giggy63 in reply to Poppycat999

Yes of course, will you let me know how you get on and what its like to have it fitted? Many thanks.

Hi l have just had a ring pessary 64mm with support fitted this morning at my local surgery. I cant feel it thank goodness! I was scared waiting to go in as first one too big hurt and she took it straight out again. This one l cant feel. I dont know if l could get it out if it does but doctor says l should be able to. She says sex is ok with it in or it can be took out and put in again. Yet to contemplate that yet! Apparently you fold it to put it in. I'm surviving bowel movements by taking cosmocol sachets. They are doing the treat so I'm actually coping although I'm eating so damn sensibly its ridiculous. Please keep in touch all you pessary wearers.

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Thats great news, made me feel a bit better about having mine fitted. Still waiting for my letter to go! Would you let me know how you get on when you take it out and fit it yourself as ime a bit worried about this? Many thanks to you.

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So am l worried about it too!Will let you know. Dont know when it will be.

Hi I'm now having a bit of discomfort with ring pessary but only slightly l might wait till GP appointment week tomorrow. Think maybe need one size smaller or maybe it's not exactly in the right place. I am glad l have it though as dont feel dragging feeling just think it takes a while to get one that suits.Please let me know about your experience when you have one and which type you have and which size.

Yes i will do. Still waiting for a letter with appt, hope it will be soon.

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