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post menopausal cramping and bleeding


hi. I am 57 and its been over five years since I went through the menopause. Went to see GP with above symptoms.. sent to hospital within seven days for ultrasound and internal one. Then sent for a hysteroscopy in another department on same day where they took a biopsy of my womb. They said there was some fresh blood inside my uterus. The lining of my womb is 6mm instead of 4mm. I started my periods at the age of ten. I have had three caesareans and never gone into labour with any of them. I am diabetic and anaemic.

just waiting for results of biopsy which they said I should receive within two weeks.

still got cramping but it's not as painful.

Anyone out there had similar symptoms etc ?

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Yes. I too have had cramps and bleeding (more like spotting than a proper period) after menopause. It happened about 1 year after I hit menopause (early due, I think, to hormone treatment for endometriosis). My ultrasound scan showed only slight thickening of the uterus, which the consultantsaid was within normal limits so wasn't concerned.

I bled again twice in last month and they sent me for an urgent scan, which I am having tomorrow. May also have a hysteroscopy depending on what the ultrasound shows. Not looking forward to that as I have a retroverted uterus due to adhesions from the endometriosis and multiple surgeries. Makes any attempt to access my cervix difficult and very painful.

P. S. I will be 52 next month.

yvonneu in reply to chezza1

Thank you for your reply. Hope all goes let me know Chezza1

Thanks Yvonneu. I had the scan and the radiographer said she couldn't see anything of concern. However, a have 3 fibroids, which were blocking her view of the uterine lining, so she couldn't see that clearly. Next step is to see the gynaecologist again once he gets the report.

so that's good news..once those fibroids are disposed off, you should be fine x

yvonneu in reply to yvonneu

all my results came back clear which is brilliant news ! hope yours are clear also x

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