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Bladder and bowel function

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I had a total hysterectomy almost 3 years ago for post menopausal heavy bleeding. since then there have been negative side effects from this major surgery. I must stress that it did cure early stage cancer which was addressed very quickly for which I am very grateful. But both my bladder and bowel function have declined to the point where it has affected the quality of my life and I am paying privately to see a consultant. Has anyone else experienced this issue and if so how have you dealt with it?

Thank you


5 Replies
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Not with a hysterectomy but because I have a herniated disc

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Hi there - thanks for reply.

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Hi Lara, I had a hysterectomy when I was 31 and a bilateral Salpingo oophorectomy (ovaries and tubes) at 38. After that I began having some problems that are like yours. My Gastroenterologist helped me with the bowel problems partly through diet and partly through fiber supplements. I have been using pads for mild urinary incontinence. I know my sister, who also had those surgeries ended up with worse urinary incontinence and she is seeing a urologist and she is continuing to try to get help. I believe she’s about to start using Botox. She also uses pads and there are some that are Not visible under clothes. Always Discreet in particular.

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Thank you so much for your reply - it’s helpful to know I’m not alone - I had a colonoscopy because of my bowel problems - pain during procedure was off the scale as they weren’t aware I had a hysterectomy and should have had sedation!!! And still not sorted - along with urinary incontinence. trying to find a GP with gynaecological and menopause experience is biggest stress and actually just getting through to surgery so I’m paying privately to have my questions answered by an expert!!!!

Take care xx

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This is interesting to read as i asked for hysterectomy maybe should re think

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